Be More Atractive

Dis tme ttba ak rs nk speaking la plak kan..xpekan?
heeee...skali-skala kn...kat bawah ni ak da sdiakn sumtink tuk korg sume psl : u can be more ATTRACTVE

There' is x magc invlved wen it cmes 2 b more attrctve. it's just a way of life u should learn to adopt  if u dsire to win the attention of the oppste sex. The flwg guidelines r the outcomes of research on the heart, soul & psyche of guys. tke them by hearts & u will find urself mre attractve, in addtion 2 gve a boost 2 urself - esteem partclrl men.

1. smile as often as u can
men r most attrctve to a woman who is hepy. a smile is lke a big neon sign dat tells the world u're hepy persn & probably fun 2 b around. we're all attrcted 2 dat kind of persn. bsdes, smling works those mscles in ur face & keeps ur fce firmer, slowng the aging process. plus, evrytme u smile, it's kind of like u've just gven urself a face-lift. smiling counters gravity. so ladies, lift those faces & work those mscles & smile ur heart out....

2. laugh frequently
wen u hear sum1 lufing, doesn't it mke u want 2 go over there & b wif them 2 join in da fun? a person who laughs easily is assumed 2 b hepy. wen u luf, u're relxed & self-consciousness flies out da door. attrctve means 2 draw 2ward u. every1 wants 2 b around hepy people. y x b dat person r attrcted 2? plus, lufter creates endrophins which os gud 4 ur immune systm & most likely keeps ur younger. at lis u'll feel younger.

3. look directly into men's eyes...wif a little smile on ur lips
the other thing men said they were most attrcted to was a women who genuine likes herself..who cmfortble wif who she... who likes how she looks & who's x self-conscious. if u're self-conscious it's dfcult 2 look people in da eyes. if u can't look a main in da eyes u can't really connect. it's da primary sgnal 2 man dat u're open 2 him advncg closer. without it most men will turn & go sumwhere else. prctce look at people slightly longer than is cmfrtable wif a lttle hint of smile. it mkes people ntce u more & bcme more intersted in u. it's amzing how a few 2nd of eye-cntct can mke all da dfrence. they dun call it a "come-hither" look 4 nothing...

4. walk wif grace & self-confidence
it was funny wen men said they were attrcted 2  a woman who had a gud posture. wen u stand straight u're pyhsclly more attrctve. u'll twll the world dat u're proud of who u r, comfrtble wif how u look. a woman who stands tall is truly beautiful. however, a woman wif bad posture even a classically beautiful woman falls short.

5. flirt but keep it subtle
men said the only thing dat was scarier than approachg a new woman was the possibility of physcal dnger. the lingering eye contact & smling from across da rum r part of dat subtle flirting. a touch on da arm actually mves thins 2 da next lvl letting him know u're open 2 him. a woman who's guarded doesn't usually touch a man & men know dat. flrting is being frenly, keeping da door open & let them know we're x going 2 embrass them. but, it must b suitable bcoz it bcmes crass if we're 2 over.

 6. have style & be classy
an attrctve wman is a classy woman. wen u pay attention 2 da lttle dtails then u stand out abve da rest. an attrctve wman is an excptional wman. look around & u'll c 4 urself. let ur true beauty shine through. wen evrthg is overdone, u can't c da wmn beneath all da layers. men r usually turned off by a wman wif 2 much hair, make-up, jwlery..

7. enjoy ur feminity
men said they found a woman who obviously enjoys being a wman 2 b xtremly attrctve. even if u're just going 2 da post offce, if it mkes u feel more feminine, put on a ltlle lipstck, blush & mascara. a quick brush through da hair & u're ready. jeans & t-shirt can b very attrctve on a woman who enjoys being a woman. on a woman who doesn't care, they're just "guy" clothes...sumthing 2 cver their body & keep it warm. it is also suggests 2 paint dos toenails& red is recmended if u dare. den, instead of boring sneakers, throw on some of dos great open-toed slings @ sandals dat r in all da stores rite now. it's sexy yooo!!. u'll feel it & he'll ntce it...

so gurl, get out there & play wif dis stuff. u'll notce how differently men respond 2 u... let loose, get creatve & enjoy it...

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ni tips mengorat nie! (-_-")

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hahaha...lbh krg r...
amk2...ko ngorat abg deen ko 2 lbh2...biar dia syg ko lbh lg r...:)